is a blog about relaxation and intimacy. Channeling self-love and deepening the connection with your partner.
You will find twice monthly published content (most with video) of experiences and information about being in-tune with you, and your partner.

Welcome to my story! I’m Dr. Nicole, and I’m thrilled to share my journey with you. My path began with a deep passion for wellness, self-care, and relationships. Over the years, I’ve cultivated this passion into a meaningful career where I help others enhance their lives through personalized coaching, curated products, and engaging events.

I started Define Intimacy by Dr. Nicole with a vision to create a space where wellness and beauty intersect. My journey has been one of growth, learning, and dedication to helping others find their own paths to happiness and fulfillment.

Holding on to the Reigns of my Intimacy

Join me, Dr. Nicole, on the journey to deepening relaxation and intimacy by exploring sensuality, relationships, and self-love. I’ve experienced quite a few milestones over the last few years – motherhood, bariatric surgery, new job, home ownership, entrepreneurship. Looking back, I realized I was going through the motions. Not to mention all of this was happening while I’m leaving an unfit relationship. I needed to find me – a better me.

I started thinking about what’s going on my body and in my body. I wanted radiant skin and healthy hair again, from natural ingredients that I can read. Reset my body’s toxicity, pH – just rid myself of negativity. Own my sensuality again and express myself in a trusted space. I had no idea I would tap into the new me through entrepreneurship. How?

Opportunity – products that I understand how they are made and what they are made of. Since trying our bath, body, and pleasure products, I’ve experienced the self-care I didn’t realize my life was missing.  I am here to share these products to help you refine the best version of you.

Dr. Nicole, Independent Consultant of Bedroom Kandi founded by Kandi Burruss. Follow me, the lifestyle brand for natural beauty/personal care, vegan-friendly cosmetics, intimacy & bedroom accessories – tools for better, relaxed “Me” time or Partner time.

Normalize the luxury of self-care as daily rejuvenation.

Life Updates and Current Adventures

I’m excited to keep you updated with my latest life adventures and progress. In this section, you’ll find periodic videos where I share updates on my story, recent developments, and where I am today.

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